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Electrical circuits are used to power all of the indoor and outdoor appliances you use everyday in your home. Dedicated circuits are an important element of any home; they ensure your appliances, including your air conditioning and heating unit, refrigerator, hot tub, oven, and more, continue working, as they should on a daily basis.

We will inspect your home to identify any potential dedicated, computer, or ground fault electrical circuit problems. Faulty electrical circuits can overheat if left undetected, leading to a destructive, if not deadly, electrical fire.

Seattle Electrical Circuit Services from As You Wish Electric

At As You Wish Electric our technicians are licensed and insured so you get professional and reliable electrical service every time. In addition, we extensively train our electricians to troubleshoot residential electrical issues, from incorrectly operating GFCI outlets to tripping electrical circuits.

Circuit and Outlet Installation, Repair and Replacement

  • Dedicated Electrical Circuits
  • Computer Electrical Circuits
  • Ground Fault Electrical Circuits
  • 110 Volt Electrical Circuits
  • 220 Volt Electrical Circuits
  • Complete Home Design of New Circuits with Power Needs in Mind
  • Inspection of Dedicated Electrical Circuit Outlet to Ensure that Clean, Stable Power is Being Produced
  • Running a New Conduit
  • Installation of New GFCI Outlets
  • Connection to the Main Power Supply Box
  • Home Inspection of Electrical Circuits
  • Complete Testing of New Electrical Circuits After Installation
  • Emergency Electrical Circuit Service Available
  • Examination of Your Appliance and its Circuit Needs to Provide You with Clean, Stable Power
  • Proper Grounding of Electrical Circuits
  • Inspection of the Main Distribution Electrical Panel to Ensure Proper Connection to Power
  • And more!

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