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Electrical Panel in Seattle, WA Home

Are the circuit breakers in your home constantly tripping? Are the lights in your home constantly flickering? Are you constantly replacing fuses in your electrical panel? Are you able to operate only one or two large appliances? If you answered yes to any of these questions you should upgrade or replace your electrical panel today.

The electrical experts at As You Wish Electric know you rely on the breakers, fuses, and panels in your home to provide electricity for everything, from your TV to your large kitchen appliance. If you have old, outdated, or incorrectly wired circuit breakers, fuses, and panels in your home, you and your family could not only lose power when you need it most, but also be in danger from smoke damage and fire. As You Wish Electric troubleshoot and identify any electrical problems in your home by thoroughly inspecting the wiring in your home so you and your family can enjoy continuous electricity without risk.

As Seattleā€™s top electrical contractor, As You Wish Electric offers comprehensive electrical services, including circuit breaker, fuse, and panel installation, repair, and replacement. We are highly-skilled, background-checked, and professional to ensure any electrical request you have, whether minor or major, is completed to your 100% satisfaction.

Some of the Electrical Panel Upgrade services in Seattle include:

  • Fuse Box Repair, Upgrades, and Installation
  • Circuit Breaker Repair, Upgrades, and Installation
  • Electrical Panel Repair, Upgrades, and Installation
  • Emergency Fuse Box, Circuit Breaker, and Electrical Panel Service
  • Circuit Breaker, Fuse Box, and Electrical Panel Inspection
  • Connect Main Power To Circuit Breaker, Fuse Box, and Electrical Panel
  • And More!

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